Langner Management’s veteran business brokers will guide you through the intricate processes of buying or selling a business, ensuring you:   

  • Get a Fair Market Value
  • Avoid costly pitfall
  • Close the deal


Selling a business is a complicated and challenging process. You only get one chance to do it right. With Langner Management Services’ experience you can expect:

  • Confidentiality from start to finish
  • A professional business valuation to determine fair market value
  • Prescreened and qualified buyers only
  • Management during every aspect of the transaction from marketing through offer negotiations, due diligence, financing and closing
  • Database of potential buyers and investors developed over many years
  • Extensive professional contacts


  • Finding the right business that meets YOUR needs
  • Prompt responses to your due diligence requests throughout the transaction
  • Assistance obtaining financing for the project
  • Help planning transition to ownership and operation of your new business

Whether you’re a small local business priced below $100k or a merger/acquisition candidate priced $10-$20 million or more, we can help.

While you handle the day to day management challenges of the business, we work confidentially on all aspects of the sale, providing:

ADVICE: We will advise you on how to best prepare your business for sale. We share our knowledge of the marketplace and competitive business offering with you.

STRUCTURE: We structure the sale by analyzing your business strategy, financial history, lease, and market comparables. By using sophisticated valuation techniques we ensure that the appropriate business price and terms are met for the current market.

NETWORKING: Networking is an important part of a successful business strategy. We prepare a sales profile of your business and confidentially introduce you business to other brokers.

ADVERTISING: We advertise your business both locally and internationally. The identity of your business in hidden; only the facts necessary to generate buyer interest are provided.

SCREENING: We screen prospects and help serious buyers determine the right business for them.

INTRODUCTION: We introduce your business to qualified, interested buyers. Buyers sign a non-disclosure agreement before learning of any business for sale.

FOLLOW-UP: Buying is as hard as selling. We personally help buyers through the process to relieve you of the responsibility.

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